Jesus Does What Pills and Pornography Can't Do

Jesus can: Pills & Porn can:
1. Pardon from the guilt of sin when confessed and repented of 1. Cover up and falsely comfort one who is guilty.
2. Fill our void or emptiness with all the fullness of God. 2. Increase one's deception and filth - dirty in guilt. Cleanness from nothing.
3. Heal any emotional hurts & past abuses. 3. Fill with spiritual deadness and produce a polluted mind and heart.
4. Provide a peace that passes all understanding. 4. Heal from nothing, but only increase emotional hurts and possible abuses.
5. Impart wisdom to guide into all the Truth. 5. Provide a false peace and possible a temporary comfort.
6. Promise a new heart & spirit with cleanness. 6. Give a temporary fix until the next dose, which will need to increase in potency and perverseness to satisfy temporarily.
7. Live in us eternally. 7. Impart the wisdom of the world which is earthly, natural and demonic.
8. Cleanse from all uncleanness. 8. Promise nothing, but heartache and filth with deadness of spirit.
9. Give joy unspeakable. 9. Produce death.

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