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Samples of my SONGS
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Chuck Smith Walking on Down the Road Praying
Guy & Dani's introduction Revealed With Him in Glory
Info on informed society Wake Up Oh Church
Anthony's rebellion America Bless God
Anthony's run away Psalm 23
Anthony's angry outburst Go Out and Fill God's House
Anthony's psych meds The Lord's Prayer
Weaned off psych meds Higher Than Desire
Psych med withdraw effects The Ten Commandments
Anthony's most severe stage King of Kings
Psych counseling Glory's Cost
Anthony's symptoms Know the Love of Christ!
Psyachiatric drug-free conditon Just Because You're Worthy
Love never fails
Dr. Shipko regarding no chemical imbalance Jesus is Waiting
Dr. Shipko regarding psych drugs Ever So Much
Ty Colbert, Phd. Altar Sacrafice
Debbie Dewart No More Than I
Karen Barth Menzies 1
Karen Barth Menzies 2
Karen Barth Menzies 3
Guy's talk regarding molestation
Guys talk regarding pornography
Guy's song
Guy's testimony
Paul Blankenship 1
Paul Blankenship 2
Sally, Son's suicide 1
Sally, Son's suicide 2
The Berean Call Ministry
Guy's talk 1
Guy's talk 2
Guy's talk 3
Guy's talk 4
Bobby Torres

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